“Will you take my picture?” asked a cute little girl wearing movie star sunglasses and sitting in a little red wagon, that was being pulled by her father. “Of course we will,” we said. There was no way three photographers would pass up such a great photo-opportunity. “She has never done anything like this before,” said her mother, who seemed embarrassed by her daughters boldness. Her father pulled the wagon around so we could get her picture and the fun began. 

After being in the lime light for a few minutes she started acting shy and the photo shoot was done, but in those few minutes of smiles and laughter the three of us, and this family, created some photos to remember that warm summer day in the botanical garden. Moments like these come and go quickly, but the connections last in the memories of those willing to take the opportunity, and be there without fear. An opportunity to connect recognized by a little girl willing to speak up and give others the chance to experience a heart felt moment between strangers. As we learn to connect in this way we will learn we are not separate beings, but all here being one.