Handwritten Pages #24 Tethering

A Fullness in Brevity - Adam Byatt

Towering above her by mere centimetres, her daughter on the cusp of identities offered her a hairbrush and elastic. “Plait, please.”
“You can do it yourself.”
“But you’re better at it.”
With the elastic snapped to her wrist she brushed through her daughter’s hair with one strand floating as the lightest tether. As the mother of wands and hands she gathered up the loose strand as an act of sacramental mythos and believed a rope of three cords was a firm anchor. Otherwise her daughter would ride out on open waters from the security of sanctuary even while she harboured her own childhood fears.
Abruptly interrupted.
“Mum, can I cut my hair short?”
Her daughter the helium balloon, straining at the string.
“One day, sweetheart.”

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Transformation-Walking through a forrest

Walking through a forrest is walking through transformation. Nothing in a forrest stays as is.  Lichens on a rock are transforming minerals into plant matter.  The ground you walk on is continually being made into plants, and plants are transforming back into soil.  One day they will form another plant, that may be eaten by an animal, and walk away to another part of the forrest. Mushrooms are living contented lives on logs, that were trees who’s lives ended years ago. Leaves in a brook can reshape the flow of water. These images are from November 2017. November 2018 will show us a transformation.


The Lotus Experience

I went to Wickford to meet with Karen and photograph the lotus. My first impression was how big the flowers were. I had only seen pictures of them and thought they were only the size of water lilies. 1 2 While I was there for maybe 45 minutes many people came to take pictures of them. Most people used their cell phones and stayed less than 5 minutes. I think they missed out on a lot of the experience. 3 The first time I was there was in the early evening and most of the flowers were closed so I decided to come back in the morning.  4 5 A few mornings later I was lucky enough to get some clouds and sun to get different lighting. I didn’t get up early enough to get the true morning light. 6 7 I noticed that more flowers had gone by than there were buds, but there was still flowers in all stages of blooming and each stage had it’s own personality.   9 10 11 13 14 Even the leaves had a personality and my favorite was 15 the decaying one resting on the surface of the water. With its colors and textures it looked abstract. Beautiful to the end. 16

A Gift

A Gift

A street musician gives the gift of his music.

A father hears this gift and teaches his daughter the gift of money.

A photographer captures this moment and gives it to the world.  Street Musician-2

For the Asking

What is more dangerous: wanting everything or wanting nothing?

It is not the everything or the nothing that is dangerous, it is the wanting. Where is the wanting coming from? Is the “I want everything” coming from anger, because you perceive you have nothing, or from the love of achieving a dream? Is the “I want nothing” coming from giving up on life, or being at peace with what you have? You always have everything you are asking for. The hard part is understanding why you are getting what is coming to you.

You have everything or nothing in the same moment depending on your perception of that moment, and perception comes from feelings. We are human creatures with many emotions that can change in a moment, and change the moment. If you don’t want what is coming to you – change who you are in that moment. Ask why and accept the answer. Once you know your true self, you can become the person you want to be. You can be everything you want, so you can want for nothing.

All or Nothing?