Solitude Springs in Rhode Island

My trip to Solitude Springs made me wish it was a few weeks later when the foliage will be at it’s peak. Entrance of Solitude Springs There are intimate landscapes everywhere I turn, but little color to create a pleasing image. BridgeWalkway along Pond I was able to grab a quick picture of a pony peeking out from around the stone buildingPeeking Ponyand two frogs that stayed still long enough to have their portraits taken. Two FrogsMy favorite part of the Springs was the moss covered benches that enabled me to continue my shoe project. Shoes on the BenchAs I studied the image I found myself wanting to know what the shoes were looking at. Perhaps next time I’ll show that or add another pair of shoes and have them interact. I plan on going back when the foliage is colorful.


The Heart of Another

In this moment his eyes penetrated mine and I saw his soul.

The sword penetrated easily, and when it pierced his heart

the scream that escaped equaled mine.

The crimson flow down the blade wrapped around my hand to warm and sooth.

The last vibrations down the sword shook the flow from my hand.

His life seeped into Mother earth to nourish.

His eyes stared to the clouds, carrying his soul

leaving the sword in my hand and before me the heart of another.

This story started as a writing assignment to write about something that is ugly and make it sound beautiful. For me violence is an ugly thing so making it sound beautiful was a challenge.

This piece made it on the short list at under 99words.