For the Asking

What is more dangerous: wanting everything or wanting nothing?

It is not the everything or the nothing that is dangerous, it is the wanting. Where is the wanting coming from? Is the “I want everything” coming from anger, because you perceive you have nothing, or from the love of achieving a dream? Is the “I want nothing” coming from giving up on life, or being at peace with what you have? You always have everything you are asking for. The hard part is understanding why you are getting what is coming to you.

You have everything or nothing in the same moment depending on your perception of that moment, and perception comes from feelings. We are human creatures with many emotions that can change in a moment, and change the moment. If you don’t want what is coming to you – change who you are in that moment. Ask why and accept the answer. Once you know your true self, you can become the person you want to be. You can be everything you want, so you can want for nothing.

All or Nothing?