Artists in the park

On a hot day in July I was walking along a shady path in Roger Williams Park, when I met a young man who greeted me happily and asked what I was doing in the park on this beautiful day? I told him I was taking pictures at the botanical gardens, and was know looking for the rose garden. When I asked him if he knew where the rose garden was he shook his head and again asked me what I was doing in the park? I said doing photography, but realized from the look on his face he didn’t know what that word meant. I could understand his english through his heavy accent, but I couldn’t speak his language. He said he was working on his english. From the drawing pad on the ground next to him I knew he was an artist and asked him to show me his work. As soon as he opened his drawing pad there was no language barrier. I understood him by the bright colors he used to create the animals he loved to draw, tropical birds and tigers. He also had a painting of a husband with his arms gently holding his wife, as she rested her head on his chest. As our conversation drew to a close he told me his name was Miquel or Michael in english, but I called him Miguel. On my next walk through the park I hope he is there with more drawings so I can get to know him better.    


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