Solitude Springs in Rhode Island

Solitude Springs in Rhode Island

My trip to Solitude Springs made me wish it was a few weeks later when the foliage will be at it’s peak. Entrance of Solitude Springs There are intimate landscapes everywhere I turn, but little color to create a pleasing image. BridgeWalkway along Pond I was able to grab a quick picture of a pony peeking out from around the stone buildingPeeking Ponyand two frogs that stayed still long enough to have their portraits taken. Two FrogsMy favorite part of the Springs was the moss covered benches that enabled me to continue my shoe project. Shoes on the BenchAs I studied the image I found myself wanting to know what the shoes were looking at. Perhaps next time I’ll show that or add another pair of shoes and have them interact. I plan on going back when the foliage is colorful.

The Heart of Another

In this moment his eyes penetrated mine and I saw his soul.

The sword penetrated easily, and when it pierced his heart

the scream that escaped equaled mine.

The crimson flow down the blade wrapped around my hand to warm and sooth.

The last vibrations down the sword shook the flow from my hand.

His life seeped into Mother earth to nourish.

His eyes stared to the clouds, carrying his soul

leaving the sword in my hand and before me the heart of another.

This story started as a writing assignment to write about something that is ugly and make it sound beautiful. For me violence is an ugly thing so making it sound beautiful was a challenge.

This piece made it on the short list at under 99words.

The Lotus Experience

I went to Wickford to meet with Karen and photograph the lotus. My first impression was how big the flowers were. I had only seen pictures of them and thought they were only the size of water lilies. 1 2 While I was there for maybe 45 minutes many people came to take pictures of them. Most people used their cell phones and stayed less than 5 minutes. I think they missed out on a lot of the experience. 3 The first time I was there was in the early evening and most of the flowers were closed so I decided to come back in the morning.  4 5 A few mornings later I was lucky enough to get some clouds and sun to get different lighting. I didn’t get up early enough to get the true morning light. 6 7 I noticed that more flowers had gone by than there were buds, but there was still flowers in all stages of blooming and each stage had it’s own personality.   9 10 11 13 14 Even the leaves had a personality and my favorite was 15 the decaying one resting on the surface of the water. With its colors and textures it looked abstract. Beautiful to the end. 16

A Gift

A Gift

A street musician gives the gift of his music.

A father hears this gift and teaches his daughter the gift of money.

A photographer captures this moment and gives it to the world.  Street Musician-2

For the Asking

What is more dangerous: wanting everything or wanting nothing?

It is not the everything or the nothing that is dangerous, it is the wanting. Where is the wanting coming from? Is the “I want everything” coming from anger, because you perceive you have nothing, or from the love of achieving a dream? Is the “I want nothing” coming from giving up on life, or being at peace with what you have? You always have everything you are asking for. The hard part is understanding why you are getting what is coming to you.

You have everything or nothing in the same moment depending on your perception of that moment, and perception comes from feelings. We are human creatures with many emotions that can change in a moment, and change the moment. If you don’t want what is coming to you – change who you are in that moment. Ask why and accept the answer. Once you know your true self, you can become the person you want to be. You can be everything you want, so you can want for nothing.

All or Nothing?



“Will you take my picture?” asked a cute little girl wearing movie star sunglasses and sitting in a little red wagon, that was being pulled by her father. “Of course we will,” we said. There was no way three photographers would pass up such a great photo-opportunity. “She has never done anything like this before,” said her mother, who seemed embarrassed by her daughters boldness. Her father pulled the wagon around so we could get her picture and the fun began. 

After being in the lime light for a few minutes she started acting shy and the photo shoot was done, but in those few minutes of smiles and laughter the three of us, and this family, created some photos to remember that warm summer day in the botanical garden. Moments like these come and go quickly, but the connections last in the memories of those willing to take the opportunity, and be there without fear. An opportunity to connect recognized by a little girl willing to speak up and give others the chance to experience a heart felt moment between strangers. As we learn to connect in this way we will learn we are not separate beings, but all here being one.