A Day of Bliss

Bliss is your cat curled up on the bed next to you. The feel of the soft, warm fur, and the sound of purring.

Bliss is that first sip of coffee in the morning. The bitter tempered by sweet, that makes your whole day better.

Bliss is being at the job that you love. That career that lifts you, so you can lift your corner of the world.

Bliss is being with family and friends. When time goes by in an instant, but is remembered for a lifetime.

Bliss is laying your head on the pillow, feeling the comfort of your day.

A Day of Bliss


Handwritten Pages #24 Tethering

A Fullness in Brevity - Adam Byatt

Towering above her by mere centimetres, her daughter on the cusp of identities offered her a hairbrush and elastic. “Plait, please.”
“You can do it yourself.”
“But you’re better at it.”
With the elastic snapped to her wrist she brushed through her daughter’s hair with one strand floating as the lightest tether. As the mother of wands and hands she gathered up the loose strand as an act of sacramental mythos and believed a rope of three cords was a firm anchor. Otherwise her daughter would ride out on open waters from the security of sanctuary even while she harboured her own childhood fears.
Abruptly interrupted.
“Mum, can I cut my hair short?”
Her daughter the helium balloon, straining at the string.
“One day, sweetheart.”

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Transformation-Walking through a forrest

Walking through a forrest is walking through transformation. Nothing in a forrest stays as is.  Lichens on a rock are transforming minerals into plant matter.  The ground you walk on is continually being made into plants, and plants are transforming back into soil.  One day they will form another plant, that may be eaten by an animal, and walk away to another part of the forrest. Mushrooms are living contented lives on logs, that were trees who’s lives ended years ago. Leaves in a brook can reshape the flow of water. These images are from November 2017. November 2018 will show us a transformation.


Underdogs – You Can’t Win

Underdogs – You Can’t Win“You can’t win!” said his father as he sat on the couch drinking a beer. Tom walked toward his father and stood over him. “Yes we can,” said Tom, and took his football off the coffee table and left, slamming the door.

There were seven seconds left, and the score was twenty-one to twenty-four. The Underdogs had been chasing the Wildcats up and down the field, and now they were just one score behind. Tom approached the line to receive the snap and heard the crowd yell, “You can’t win! You can’t win!” The vision of his father sitting on the couch with his beer made Tom stutter announcing the play, and his teammates look to him in confusion. This play was his choice. Did he hand off or pass? Tom shook his head to clear his vision, and said the play over, louder this time and shouted, “Hike!” He faded back, and took in the movement of his teammates before him, then made his decision.

Tom walks in the front door and sees his father passed out on the couch. Tom puts the football back on the coffee table, with the final score so his father can see it when he wakes. The score is twenty-eight to twenty-four.